Why doesn’t everyone do it like this?

Every clients receives a bespoke service but an outline of how we typically work is as follows;

  • We review your existing chart of accounts, reporting structures and processes, discuss possible areas of improvement and if you can better understand your business.
  • We create a dynamic link between your accounting system and the secure FDPack environment allowing us to work with journal level historic data and map your accounting codes to create bespoke summary reporting formats.
  • We can also build links to import data into FDPack from other data platforms such as CRM to forecast sales.
  • We work together to build a forecast model of your business using financial and non-financial variables that can also include your existing spreadsheet forecasting tool(s).
  • FDPack translates each line of the forecast into the same double entry journal format as your historical data allowing you to move seamlessly between actual and forecast.
  • The forecast model accounts for timing differences between accrual accounting in the P&L and real cash payments and receipts, improving the accuracy and reliability of cash flow projections (no more nasty surprises!).
  • As soon as the current month’s accounts are closed, actual replaces forecast to instantly update quarterly and current year forecasts.
  • The secure and controlled distribution of reports to the management team is managed online by FDPack with the choice of displaying 3 levels of resolution; summary, detail and drill-down.
  • We are in regular contact to help you refresh and refine the forecast model so that you have a continually updated rolling monthly forecast.
  • Annual budgets as are now prepared as just another (12 month) forecast.