We import your historic accounting data into the secure FDPack environment and work together to build a forecast model that is converted into a double entry journal format.

All your historic and forecast data is now held together in the same environment so that we can efficiently build your integrated P&L, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet statements and aged Debtors & Creditors.

  • Move seamlessly along a timeline for each statement that displays actuals and forecasts for any period you choose with the option of showing either budget or previous year comparatives.
  • Quickly and easily update your forecasts as you roll forward by replacing a forecast month with the actual.
  • Be confident in the integrity of forecast financial statements prepared with the same double entry discipline as actuals to include the timing differences between accrual accounting in the P&L and real cash flows at the bank.
  • Forecasting becomes a routine rolling process as the forecast model is regularly refined and updated.


The financial statements, reporting both the past and the future along with comparatives to budget or previous year, can be selectively and securely shared with your management team and stakeholders.

  • Display each statement with a choice of three levels of detail; summary, detail or “drill down” into individual journals.
  • Allow each user to configure their own personal timeline to display the information they require for the periods and the level of detail they need.
  • Analyse amounts owed and owing by clients and suppliers, sorted by age or amount.
  • “Freeze” a forecast and display it as a budget at any time and for any period.

If this is your problem, then FDPack is the solution.

  • “We only forecast with a P&L statement meaning that forecast Cash Flow and Balance Sheet indicators are not available.”
  • “The forecasting tool(s) that we currently use could be consolidated and/or improved.”
  • “We do not have the inhouse resources and/or expertise to prepare a full set of monthly integrated actual and forecast financial statements.”
  • “We need prospective acquirers to be confident in the reliability and effectiveness of the financial statements, actual & forecast.”
  • “We would prefer to concentrate our inhouse resources on historical accounting.”
  • “Information cannot be configured and presented so that each user can see and work with the level of detail they need.”
  • “We do not have a forecasting model that we can rely on for the business.”
  • “Historical and forecast statements are prepared separately using different methods and software tools creating errors, inaccuracies and inefficiencies.”

Please get in touch

FDPack is a new and innovative service so we expect you to have some questions.
Please get in touch and we would be delighted to answer them and, if we think we can help, give you a demonstration of the FDPack software that drives our service.

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